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Renovation & Reconstruction

We perform full interior and exterior Renovation & Reconstruction services for commercial, multi-family, HOA and apartment communities. Our proven standards for excellence and project management is the foundation for our client relationships. Our experience in working with residents and tenants along with complex budgets and schedules has allowed us to develop our unique approach to completing your next project. Whether if it's a Full Renovation, Capital Improvement, Enhancement or ADA/Compliance upgrades we can provide the quality, attention and support that your project and community deserves.   

Building & Structural 

Repair, replacement or modifications to building and structural components is our specialty. Let us help you identify potential failure points and build it back with materials, means and methods that will provide you with a work product that will withstand the elements and the test of time. 

  • Stairways

  • Walkways

  • Guardrails and Handrails

  • ADA/Code Compliance Upgrades

  • Building Envelope, Stucco & Siding Repair

  • Balcony and Exterior Elevated Element Repair


With extensive knowledge and experience in the operation and repair of Common Interest Developments, we provide comprehensive consulting services for HOA's and the legal community. Including but not limited to:

  • Homeowner education

  • Investigation

  • Defect discovery and legal support services

  • Destructive testing

  • Scope development 

  • Deferred maintenance and repair strategies

  • Funding and feasibility studies 

  • Project Management


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Routine and Preventative Maintenance is key when working to preserve and enhance a property's value. Not only does it contribute to the safety, function and replacement planning for a component but it helps increase the enjoyment of your property without worry.


Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate or submit a work order request below. 



Waterproofing & Specialty Coatings

Unfortunately most waterproofing failures are discovered after it's too late, especially in Southern California where it rarely rains. Throughout our years of experience we have witnessed countless personal property and common area damages as a result of failed or defective waterproofing. While using the most reliable products and technologies we provide waterproofing and coating services both above and below grade. Our goal is to provide a thorough inspection and repair that will restore the integrity and aesthetics of your property.  


Maintenance, repair & replacement of floating and fixed pier docks, pilings, seawalls, gangways, plumbing, electrical and decking. We provide the necessary service and experience to keep your dock floating and functioning as intended. Marine repair in California can be very intimidating to navigate, usually resulting in deferred maintenance. Let us take this burden off of you and provide an effortless repair program that suits your needs and budget. 


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